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Photographe et directeur artistique américain, Stephen McMennamy s’amuse avec son projet Combophoto. Le principe est simple, il juxtapose deux univers ou deux objets à priori différents  mais complémentaires pour ne former plus qu’un. 

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AirPods® + fish/duck/carrots/swan As you swipe through this week’s post, you’ll see there’s been an ongoing study of AirPods. I know I’m not the first person to see all the faces hidden in those magical little headphones. Mostly I see a duck or swan head (missing its beak of course), but let’s not ignore the fact that the speaker holes makes for a pretty compelling fish mouth… if you look at it right. Anyway, this week I thought I’d share a bit of the process of how I ended up where I ended up. These first two are where I ultimately wanted to land and the last two were experiments that led me to… not exactly where I wanted to land. However, my most trusted creative advisor (@mcmennamyab) said, “you should just post all of ‘em.” And so here we are, just posting all of ‘em. #combophoto

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Miss Piggy + pig (take your pick. 1 or 2) I’m sure it seems like I’m going through some sort of Muppet phase, and I am… but only because @rev.adamcatino brought up Miss Piggy on my Kermit post from last week… “Where’s Miss Piggy?!” Here’s Ms. Piggy! Straight out of Dr. Moreau’s lab. I’m not sure how many more Muppet’s will lend themselves to combophotofication quite like the past two have, but we’ll see. And sorry for all the nudity up on my feed lately. I think the animal kingdom seems pretty alright with it. Lastly, I realize I had nothing nice to say about frogs last week. They’re still disgusting, so nothing’s changed there. Pig’s on the other hand… well, let this post serve as a notification to @lmcm2 (and the kids) that we might be getting a pig. MIGHT. #combophoto

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